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While defining & understanding the Role of SEO in Digital Marketing we need to remain focus onto the core of businesses aim and for what purpose they are targeting online Audience.

Business hand writing SEO process


There is no doubt that the tricks of SEO and making your business in top 10 in Google ranking is no secret, if we analyze the pattern of SEO more closely, we will find different ways that is been used by freelancer/ Marketing agencies to improve website ranking through White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO,

for further understanding of White Hat & Black Hat SEO practice, visit following link:

SEO roots come from mid 1990s (Alan Charles Worth, 2014). These days, businesses have understood importance of SEO as they have seen competition grow among there competitors by using similar techniques.

Now the question remains same that: how it is more importance for an individual perspective and from business perspective?

An individual who is boosting web ranking shall not be focused to black hat techniques as it only result in spamming businesses pages/website, however working on medium keyword and a keyword that is low in competition could generate a traffic; that would be loyal and in long run you would have more sustainable growth compare to black hat techniques.


In upcoming articles we shall describe & discuss in detail the difference between Black Hat SEO Techniques and White Hat Techniques.

At HubQlick, Our core focus remains promoting Digital marketing knowledge and helping people to understand ethical meaning of working in this blog.

Our upcoming blogs:why-seo-is-important-for-business-651

  1. Difference between Black Hat SEO Techniques
  2. Importance of keywords in SEO
  3. How to search on Keywords


Stay tuned for knowledge and learning that would boost your career prospect 🙂




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