White hat SEO techniques 2016


Best White Hat SEO Techniques:

It’s not playing around with Google:

Cont. ..

In our earlier blog post we discussed briefly on importance of SEO in digital marketing, leading from our earlier discussion we will understand what is White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO Techniques.


In many of posts and online content you may have ready that Content is King in SEO ranking,

Well I would say that

 Great Content is King!!!


So guys always focus on unique and engaging content, produce a work or information that people are looking for online. Google is enough strict to find copied content or uniqueness of your content.


Major content of White Hat Technique is Stay Focused on:

 “Content that is Fresh, Unique and most importantly that people are looking forward for”



Now we will discuss what Content people actually are looking for?

How to find it?


Tactic No 1:

Do Sound research on Keyword:


You have learned or read it a lot in SEO techniques that Keyword is what drives you traffic, but no ONE had told you that it’s not only keyword that help in generation of traffic but its


A targeted and well approached key word.


What is well approached or Targeted Keyword?


Well answer is very simple a keyword that is specified to business service or product and more importantly it is categorized based upon geographical location, and more importantly focused on searching criteria is a “Well Approached / Targeted Keyword”.


In other words you could say a keyword that drives you traffic naturally are a word that speaks to customers or audience naturally.

Tip: Find different Researched key words, as you may have not anticipated for words that have been using to find specific content or material on web similar to yours

Find long tail keywords that your customer’s speaks and accordingly design your content to naturally drive traffic towards your site


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