Reach 100,000 Viewers with easiest and authentic way online through SEO


Promote your Website without getting trapped by online Black Hat Practitioner – by HubQlick


In this blog post we have research thorough for all our valued readers on about how they could understand the value of their time spent online when it comes to solely increase your web presence to get highly focused traffic to your website.

I have come through different channels from different websites that people have defined their own terms for complete understanding of Link building and key word research.


There is no doubt keyword and back linking both are vital parts of SEO, so how do you actually drive them together with their respective importance.

Keywords & back link Strategy

The answer is simple for Key Words:

Do research on long tail keywords that are consists of more than 3 words together for particular product or services you offered and work on it regularly for 2 to 3 months to see the result on Google page.

Daily writing blog on it with focused keywords and mentioning it on different social media platform shall help Google identify your content relevance to the people research online and eventually your page would start ranking up.


But do remember if you like your web page to rank in 1st 10 pages of Google it must contain the continuity on blogging or the content on your website that contains unique data focused on keywords that would actually help you to get traffic.


Now the most important part of this Blog where lots of young Entrepreneur get stuck during their learning stage is getting there page ranking high at very shorter span of time, as they are eager to put their web page, or blog page on Google ranking.

They may have good article and content with through research and reference but that won’t help them good ranking unless they have authorities links from authentic and well popular websites.


In this case they turn to Black hat practitioner who sell back linking online.


Remember not to go for short cut as they only put your website Red Flag on Google list and eventually you are losing credibility for the all work you have been done on your page.


I have recently studied a method called moving man method on a website mentioned below, on which they taught us how to build an authority back links from well-known websites. I will break it down for you in very simple steps to follow so you could practice it for yourself:


Step 1:

  1. Find Businesses in your industry that have recently either:
  2. Closed
  3. Rebrand as
  4. Or Search for page no longer available


Now you have found the old website link in your industry:


Old website would still have back linking from Authoritative websites, but since you know that this site is no longer in operation you could reach all those websites who are referring to this link or website that are not working any more, and help them improve their linking at once. While you are helping other businesses website to correct there linking on the other hand you can ask them for favor to put your website as a referring link in that place too. This is a win-win strategy for both of website owners.


Step 2:

Now to find back links of the website that is no longer in operation you need to go to back linking checking websites for instance you can visit following website to check broken or back  link of website (that is no longer in operation)


It would come up with several links that your website are getting referral from.


Step 3:

So the work is nearly done for you. You just have to send Webmaster an email to let them know there broken links or links to an error 404 page. In this email you could also request them to put your similar website link as an advantage for all there valued visitors.


Guys help us educate all our friends and communities spread this knowledge with you friends on Facebook and feel free to comment below with your suggestions and feedback. Cheers



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