Why Students in Pakistan are failing to find good jobs after Graduation / Post Graduation?

youth-unemploymentI wonder why students especially graduates don’t secure jobs after their studies get completed. Well this is not more assumption that graduates are not aware of current market trend because taught courses in colleges does not reflect real time scenario and more importantly does not provide skills and training that are actually in practice.

 Struggling to find a job after university have become a HOT TOPIC but yet not improved to get relax

So question rose again what we should do about current educational system?


Govt. of Pakistan have took several steps in shape of skilled training courses through partnering business leaders in industry to teach technical skills and produce workforce that in REAL TIME can solve problems in today’s time.

Yet this effort is not effective enough because of several reasons such as,

  1. Lack of opportunity of ion job training
  2. Institutes and teachers in it are not self-motivated with vision clearly

We as a nation must come with an action plan that make sense in broader way too and help our upcoming generation to learn skills that would actually make them financially independent.

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In this regard I recently found a website that Originator (a startup) have come up with a vision to lead students (while they are in college / University) towards skills and training that would enable them to become entrepreneur and freelancer to earn from global opportunity.




Need help in choosing your career or help in getting internship or become Freelancer, we are here to help you at no cost, reach us at:

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